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Could a smaller iPad success in the education market?

ipad mini 3d ¿Podría un iPad más pequeño triunfar en el mercado educativo?

As the event is coming this afternoon , rumors are multiplying around the iPad Mini . We have mentioned on more than one occasion that Apple event could focus on education and is now confirmed to Bloomberg that the tablet itself, the iPad Mini will be geared mainly to this market, especially in the U.S..

Appe will compete in this market with tablets like the Nexus 7 of Google and Amazon Kindle Fire HD devices that are based on a price of $ 199. It is expected that the iPad Mini has a starting price of $ 329 (although other sources say it will be $ 249). Anyway, it's likely that the price is higher than the competition, but Apple certainly offer discounts to educational institutions that want to shop wholesale device.

In addition, the iPad Mini could be the next star of the campaign "Back to School" every year offers Apple a few months before school starts. In recent years we have seen discounts on the purchase of an iPod Touch or gift vouchers for online stores Apple (iTunes Store, iBook Store, Mac AppStore, etc, etc) to buy a new Mac

The iPad Mini and education

Bloomberg says that today's event will focus largely on education and Apple executives leaving the scene, will do much emphasis on the capabilities that the iPad Mini is for the education market and its advantages over competition.

But will it be able to convince Apple educational institutions to pay for an iPad Mini when they can buy the Kindle Fire HD or Google Nexus 7 for just $ 199?

According to the CEO of Clever Inc., an educational software company: "Apple has the largest sales force in the world focused on the education sector." And on the iPad says "Apple is a great device and has a long history in the education market in the U.S.".

The article goes on to explain:

To attract educators, Apple sales staff meets regularly with school administrators and officials of U.S. hiring.

The company has a sales staff assigned to work with schools in certain regions of the U.S. and paid officials travel to visit the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, to learn about new products launched.

Apple has focused from the start on learning iPad market and created television commercials to prove it as the accompanying these lines.

Apple also is helping educators in the use of iPads in schools.

In South Texas, Ponce, the McAllen ISD opted for Apple after they decided to move away from the purchase of laptops and desktops, which he said were expensive to maintain and unattractive to many students.

Apple was willing to help design the district's strategy to integrate technology in the classroom.

Why work with Apple and not with any other hardware and software provider that can offer lower prices?

"I included because they have revolutionized the world," said Ponce. "There were people in the room who was thinking of the greatest".

Finally, the McAllen district bought 25,000 iPads in an agreement of $ 3.5 million per year. About half of the annual budget of district technology goes into Apple's coffers.

A first list published by AppleInsider people revealed that Apple may have a total of 24 different versions of iPad Mini in your inventory. Later there was another list that threw more light on the subject and should arise that Apple could offer 10 packs of iPad Mini to educational institutions with succulent discounts.

inventario ipad mini ¿Podría un iPad más pequeño triunfar en el mercado educativo?

The traditional PC sales continue to fall in the midst of crisis and schools increasingly have a smaller budget in the U.S. also. As these institutions are moving away from purchases of computers, have realized that the iPad is a competitive and cheaper. It is therefore not surprising that sales of iPads in the education market has grown so much and if Apple does their homework the iPad Mini could be the ideal product for this market, because of its lightness and its low price.

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