Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Comparison between the specifications of Nexus 10 and the iPad 4

nexus 10 ipad 4 458x350 Comparativa entre las especificaciones del Nexus 10 y el iPad 4

The tablet market is hot right now. Following the presentation by Apple's iPad Mini and iPad 4 (which hit stores the first countries on Friday November 2), Google has now come to introduce changes to its Nexus line, changes in business the tablets include a new 10-inch model to fight "on equal terms" with the Apple iPad.

The Nexus 10 arrives to compete with the iPad 4

The new tablet from Google, the Nexus 10, has been manufactured by Samsung and its features could highlight a 10.055-inch screen with a resolution of 2580 × 1600 (300dpi), ie a display with a higher pixel density than the Apple Retina riding on the iPad in April and remains in 264ppp. In addition, it also has 2GB RAM (1GB versus the iPad 4). All other features are quite similar to those of the iPad in April, with some exceptions such as, for example, is only available in two different capacities (16 and 32GB), there is no version with LTE connectivity (no 3G), and of course occurs the same thing happened as before and the final finish is not as good: is constructed with plastic instead of a stronger material such as aluminum in the case of the iPad.

Of course, each user must assess their needs and tastes when it comes to buying a tablet (or any other product). In the picture accompanying these lines you can see a comparison between the characteristics of different tablets.

2 Comparativa entre las especificaciones del Nexus 10 y el iPad 4

We stayed with the iPad in April without hesitation for a second. Full integration between software and hardware seems a great way to get the highest possible performance and the quantity and quality of apps available for iOS is infinitely greater than in Android. How about you? Which do you prefer?

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