Friday, October 19, 2012

Comex JailbreakMe responsible for, stop working at Apple

nichollas allegra comex Comex, el responsable de JailbreakMe, deja de trabajar en Apple

Nicholas Allegra, better known on the Internet as Comex, the hacker responsible iOS tool JailbreakMe enjoyed great popularity, joined Apple last year to work on the security of the iPhone OS and the iPad. Apple offered him the chance and he did not doubt it, since it was one of the most admired companies and could not miss the opportunity to work on it.

Now, after a year working for the Cupertino company, Apple Comex are separate and no longer continue to work in the company, so says Twitter.

Comex, has not dwelt too much explaining his departure from Apple, commented on Twiter all is because he forgot to answer an email where he offered to renew his contract, but Apple not seeing interest from young, decided to cancel supply.

The explanation given in Twitter is quite vague and gives the feeling that you are not happy with the decision, although later statements said the deal is done, but that his departure from Apple has produced nicely.

When asked if they would return to the scene of the jailbreak, Comex said he will not, and that his contract with Apple sets at some point I could not do this, at least until some time after leaving the company. Some say that Comex was sold to Apple when he signed the first contract, but his response to such accusations is quite clear:

Now, Nichollas Allegra says it will focus on completing his studies at Brown University. With studies completed and his currilum, insurance companies would raffle when you start looking for work again.

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