Monday, October 8, 2012

Cheap covers for iPhone 5

Fundas baratas iphone5 401x1024 Fundas baratas para el iPhone 5

Must see as we are, we spent € 700 on a phone and want to buy the cheapest cover ... So yeah, I also do, why pay more for some cases that often are the same?

Here we bring you a selection of sleeves perfect to save those euros which we have spent more on the iPhone 5, have leather cases, Bumpers, transparent TPU covers, covers with lego textures, silicone, etc. And the average price is 2.5 € or 3 € with shipping included.

If you're like me and have not yet purchased the iPhone 5 also have covers for the 4 and 4S, click here to see them.

We recommend the free shipping, it takes two weeks to get home, send everyone. The express delivery can cause problems.

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Link - Miniinthebox

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