Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Changes in Policy Apple: Scott Forstall and leave John Browett

scot forstall Cambios en la directiva de Apple: salen Scott Forstall y John Browett

Apple just released a real hit, a story that shakes the internal structure of the company since its foundation and a surprise.

Apple has announced that both Scott Forstall as John Browett leave his position on the board of Apple and leaving the company. Browett output occurs immediately, while Scott will occur next year, but will continue to have relationship with Apple, since it is a private consultant Tim Cook.

Browett, joined Apple in January this year and held the position of senior vice president of Apple's physical premises. For its part, Apple Forstall carries many more years (he joined after the company bought Next, since then working on that project of Steve Jobs) and now was in charge of iOS development.

It is unknown why they both leave Apple, but it seems that something big had to happen for the emergence of this news. The gossips talk about a possible punishment for Forstall by the poor performance of the iOS maps and Siri, while others say that its output can be linked to the bad relationship he had with Jony Ive, the chief designer at Apple hardware . For Browett, the thing is still a mystery more, as there is no talk rumors of his departure.

john browett Cambios en la directiva de Apple: salen Scott Forstall y John Browett

The Apple executives will have new responsibilities

Besides, Apple policy will undergo more profound changes and that the output of these two people will make the other executives have to bind more responsibilities. So, from now:

Craig Frederighi be responsible for development of iOS and Mac OS. That is, the same person will lead the teams in charge of developing the two operating systems that Apple keeps. This could bring interesting news to both, and greater integration between our Mac and our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Eddy Cue will now be responsible for developing all of Apple's online services, including Siri and new iOS Maps 6. That is, will be responsible for any and all services "in the cloud" Apple: iTunes, AppStore, AppStore Mac, iCloud, iBook Store, etc, etc ...

Bob Mansfield will be responsible for leading a group of companies that has denomiado external technologies. Makers will find that innovations can be included in Apple products and continue to guide the company's product launches and groundbreaking pointers.

Jonathan Ive is now in charge of both the hardware design and the user interface design. Definitely a lot of news that is creating excitement because Jony Ive is known for its stunning designs and take charge of the design of the user interface from Apple could do to change many of the things we know now: both operating systems (iOS and Mac OS X) and the various applications of Apple: iWork, iLife, Aperture, Final Cut, etc, etc ...

It seems that Tim Cook has been put to work and has begun to shape their own Apple, the new Apple, the Apple after Steve Jobs.

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