Thursday, October 18, 2012

Changes in the App Store, how affect developers?

 Cambios en el App Store, ¿Cómo afectan a los desarrolladores?

Face it: the new app store (App Store) for iOS 6 is affecting the business. Point. That said, developers must prepare for the great challenges of this new store. Many of us have seen the (few) benefits of selling apps, compounded by piracy (there are people who think that paying € 0.79 for an app is too much money), by the economic crisis, and the vast competition, have been drastically reduced.

Why is this happening?

On one hand, there is no news section on the App Store. New apps simply do not appear anywhere. Before when you hung your apps appear in the releases section and, if they were interesting, climbed the ranks and positions were already visible for everyone. This was a good strategy that rewarded the quality of the products.

Now, as there is no news, your only opportunity to let people know your app is either invest in advertising (many developers can not) or try to find people searching the Android App Store. It is clear that Apple wants to promote the discovery of apps. Now Genius has a prominent place in the store, occupying the center button below the App Store. On the other hand, have invested millions on a search engine for people to find their apps and submit them by relevance store.

The problem is that the search simply does not work. I invite you to do this test. If you look at the App Store radars first appears 'radar detector - CamSam', an app that copies another well known name in the store to seize on this, it's 'Radar Detector'. CamSam not even in the top 100 navigation and appears first, while the app which shoots the name, and is in the top 15 is number 14 of the search.

As we can see, the search is not very relevant ...

What can we do to alleviate developers this phenomenon? Simple: Investing in advertising and keywords and SEO optimization for our apps are visible when users search for relevant terms. Following these simple guidelines can offset the sales decline that the new App Store is causing developers.

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