Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Carmageddon is available now and is free for the first 24 hours

The atypical and bloody famous racing game: Carmageddon has appeared today in the App Store for reminiscing. If you do not know and to give you an idea, I will say that you can only win races in three ways: the first coming to the finish, destroying cars all enemies or killing all pedestrians on the screen ...

In this version for iOS, we have tried to keep the essence of the original, adapting the touch control and adding several enhancements, such as achievements or instant replays.

With 11 stages, 36 levels, 28 opponents, 30 original cars and new power-ups and lots of pedestrians, guts and blood, Carmageddon is clear that is not the "typical" racing game.

Posts to impute something, we should mention that the touch controls are not the best in the game, and will cost a bit to adapt to them before you get to control the car properly.

Best of its release, is that during the first 24 hours can be downloaded for free, so do not hesitate a moment and Seize before it returns to be paid for, because Carmageddon is a legend among legends.

It is universal and adapted to the screen of the iPhone 5.


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