Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Buddy Case launches new housing with keyboard for the iPhone 5

Today, the accessories for the iPhone 5 has taken a step further. Those who continually utilicéis the iPhone 5 to send messages, WhatsApp write, compose e-mails and, why not, also to those who have not do, we present the new cabinet with additional keyboard for the iPhone 5. "Fine", compact and fits snugly to the iPhone 5.

Surely, you have heard of the Buddy Case compatible with iPhone 4 and 4 S. Well, now available for the iPhone 5 and, if it follows the same path as the previous one, will succeed.

The Keyboard Buddy Case is powered by a built-in battery that is charged via a USB cable and will last up to 2 weeks, which means that your iPhone will not feed from the same source and, therefore, the percentage of the battery the device will not be so affected.

Below, we detail the characteristics of the housing:

  • It is a thin shell, compact and completely adapts to the shape of the iPhone 5.
  • It is specially designed for quicker access to phone applications, which means we have access to these through keyboard shortcuts and other specific controls.
  • Fully integrated QWERTY keyboard, so you can turn it on and off at any time (and re-use the built-in iPhone 5, for example).
  • It has a loading time of two weeks will not affect the phone battery.
  • It will connect with the iPhone 5 via Bluetooth.

Currently, you can pre-order for $ 89.95 (about € 69) in the portal Wave Box and will be available on November 16, only available in black and, for the moment, it is unknown whether manufactured models different color.

It really looks like a very slick and compact housing that already had some success with previous iPhone models. You think iPhone users prefer a physical keyboard in addition to integrated touch on the phone? Are you the you would buy or do you plan?

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