Monday, October 29, 2012

Become a draftsman and genius imagination Draw a Stickman: Epic

Draw a Stickman: Epic is another Hitcents games based on drawing your own character and help to complete levels as Draw Draw a Stickman Stickman and Episode 2. As in previous versions, Draw a Stickman: Epic will test your skill as a draftsman and glory, but now in a new adventure.

Before you begin, you should design your own character and another character to be your sidekick. Unfortunately, kidnap your friend and you should ingeni√°rtelas to complete levels in order to find it.
Want to know how you will complete levels? Easy as drawing all possible tools that allow you to complete. For example, you need to draw a fire to blow up a fence to stop you pass or an ax to chop down a tree and use it as a bridge.
The full version is paid for both iPhone (0.89 €) and for iPad (1.79 €), but the game offers a free version that lets you play the first three levels to convince and buy the official app. This is a clever game, imaginative and, although required to play draw, does not require great skill as a draftsman. It's simple but very entertaining. Available in English, but it is not difficult to understand.
So if you liked the first versions of Draw a Stickman games or other digital painting and ingenious, we recommend you to try.

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