Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple will broadcast the event live tonight

streaming evento Apple retransmitir√° el evento de esta tarde en directo

Although we are not used to Apple retransmit its live events, everything is ready for you today yes you can see it in real time.

There are several options, the first is through the Apple TV. Apple has posted a new icon in the menu of your set-top-box to see the event via streaming.

Another option is through Apple's website which can be accessed at the following link.

Finally, you can use any application which allows you to insert video source URL (VLC, for example). Just copy and paste the following URL in the video playback program:


You know that this afternoon we will bring you all the news from Apple this 19:00 (Spanish time GMT). See you in a few hours.

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Link - Streaming the event on the website of Apple

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