Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apple will announce its financial results on October 25

Screen Shot 2012 10 03 at 5.27.41 PM Apple anunciará sus resultados financieros el próximo 25 de octubre

On October 25 (Thursday) is the date chosen by Apple on this occasion to present the financial results for its fourth quarter belonging fiscal year. As always, at 10 AM (Pacific Time), we expect the words of Apple CEO Tim Cook, announcing the figures obtained by the company during the last three months.

In this event we hope to learn not only the first international sales figures of the iPhone 5: If the rumors are confirmed, we have new product of the company on 17 October, which Tim Cook talk openly mini iPad results during the conference financial.

The conference can be followed live from the Apple page that has enabled investors . Begin at 11 PM on the Iberian Peninsula, 4 PM in Mexico, 6 PM in Argentina. From News iPhone also will keep you updated to the minute.

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