Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apple sent invitations to the rumored Oct. 23 Event

invitacion evento ipad mini Apple envía invitaciones para el rumoreado Evento del 23 de octubre

Finally confirmed the rumor that has been with us for so many days. Apple just sent out invitations for a press event next October 23. Finally, the event will take place at the California Theater in San Jose (California), a facility that Apple had not used so far.

Does the iPad Keynote Mini ...?

The invitation is really easy, as we can see in the picture accompanying these lines. Here we can see a part of the Apple logo in white and a pop of color on top. The slogan of the event is "We've got a little more to show you", which roughly translates as "We have something more to show" a little word slogan which could be important if you really just confirming all rumors that have emerged in recent weeks.

If the rumors are correct, we can expect this event Apple is focusing especially on the education market and enhance the iBook Store , the digital book store Apple. Of course it is also expected that the iPad Mini makes official appearance and finally cleared all the doubts about this device.

In addition, there has been talk about the possibility that during the event, Apple advantage to present a review of the new iPad 3 . This review would come to incorporate in it some of the latest developments of the company as the Lightning connector, LTE support international or even the new Apple A6 processor.

Last but not least, last minute rumors say that during the event may be news about the different ranges of Apple computers . Specifically renovations Mac Mini, a complete redesign of the iMac and a new 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro Retina Display .

It is quite possible that eventually we will not see so many novelties in the event, but the truth is that fulfilled all these rumors would be a really awesome Keynote.

Will you follow the Keynote with us?

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