Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apple released in Spain its "Reserve and Collect"

Apple will activate a service on their website that is already operating in other countries, like the U.S., and is the ability to book a newly launched product (in this case, the iPhone 5) from the website in order to pick it up at the store physics.

This service, called " Reserve and Collect "will give us the opportunity to book a product during the day before when we have to go pick it up. So, Apple will put a few units to reserve and, if we're lucky and we are fast, we stow our model we want to spend the next day to pick it up at the store.

To do this, just have to choose model, color, how many units we want, the Apple Store to have closer and fill a series of personal data so that, once booked, Apple tells us what time we have to go the next day to the collect.

Currently the service is disabled, but due to the massive demand we believe the iPhone 5 will soon be available. A good way to not be continually calling or visiting an Apple Store to see if they are units.

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