Friday, October 26, 2012

Apple raises the price of the applications in the App Store

precios appstore Apple sube el precio de las Aplicaciones en la App Store

After the incredible keynote that Apple gave us on Tuesday full of good news, it is time for the bad news. Apple has been making some changes in the prices of the App Store applications from different countries and, as I'll be imagining, these changes are upward and touch us pay.

Prices higher in applications from the App Store

The rise in applications is not too outrageous, but surely not please anyone. The new prices are:

  • € 0.79 - € 0.89
  • € 1.59 - € 1.79
  • € 2.39 - € 2.69
  • € 3.99 - € 4.49,
  • € 7.99 - € 8.99
  • € 10.49 - € 13.99
  • 19'99 € - € 21.99
  • € 29.99 - € 38.99
  • € 49.99 - € 59.99
  • € 89,99 € - 99.99 €

We may console ourselves that this price increase, would fall in the pocket of developers, but Apple has also changed the distribution of 70-30 which was from the beginning of the store for a 60-40. That is, until now 70% of the profits derived by an application fell within the pocket of the developer (either a major or independent study) and Apple took 30% by the issue of distribution and henceforth the percentages change, approaching the distribution (40%) Income dangerously Developer (60%). It does not seem too fair, we understand that the cost of distribution is high, but the development is even more and besides Apple profits to distribute benefits from developers to create applications for their devices.

Anyway, it seems that this will not change, except that the creators do a lot of pressure (although Apple is not a company that typically yield).

apps appstore Apple sube el precio de las Aplicaciones en la App Store

So far Apple has not communicated the reason for the price increase and, although the first thing that we could go through your head is that tax increases are suffering in Spain, this should not be the reason, as in other countries Europe happened exactly the same. Some media say that this price increase may be caused by the continued devaluation of the Euro against other currencies more "stable" as the dollar.

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