Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apple raises the price of applications in the App Store

Screen Shot 2012 10 25 at 4.51.08 PM Apple incrementa el precio de las aplicaciones en la App Store

Without warning and without any official reason, Apple has decided to increase the price of the applications from the App Store in several European countries, including Spain. The climb was applied just after the company announced another record quarter of profit in its financial results conference.

This is the new price list:

  • € 0.89
  • € 1.79
  • € 2.69
  • € 3.59
  • € 4.49
  • € 5.49
  • € 8.99

Some sources suggest that this increase was due to higher taxes in several countries of the old continent and the falling value of the euro. If this is really the reason, the absence of some kind of Apple official explanation, not a good strategic move that the most valuable company in the world also use the excuse of the crisis to empty the pockets of consumers.

And let's not forget this article we collected this past May: " Apple profits diverted to Ireland to save taxes in Spain "

Article Apple raises the price of applications in the App Store was first published in News iPhone .

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