Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apple prepares its own payment cards in their stores by Passbook

After a month of use with iOS 6, we have seen how companies like ticketea Passbook have chosen for use in Spain, where supply in this area is very limited. If you want to try this service, you must know that Apple is developing a new system to use in their own stores Passbook as a payment method (and perhaps some additional options).

Later this month Apple will release an update to its system EasyPay , which will enable the employees to the Apple Store to read the card codes and coupons from Apple that consumers have in their app Passbook.

The possibilities of this method are many: imagine that we can buy an iPad in our house we want to pick and choose a nearby Apple Store. Coupon We send the order directly to your iPhone and go straight to the store to pick it up instead of waiting we send it.

Moreover, the location of Passbook system could assist employees of the Stores when we have a Genius Bar appointment because when we get to the store Genius warn the system that we have entered the store.

Perhaps these developments are announced at the Apple event next course , or be born as a secondary story, of course, you would do reach us.

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