Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apple Passbook enable the payment in its stores

 Apple habilitar√° el pago con Passbook en sus tiendas

Passbook reception in the market has been more than positive, or at least in the U.S., where companies engaged in the sale of tickets, theme parks and businesses like Starbucks, and geared to handle our payments through Passbook. Normally, when we acquired one of the services, or pay through the app or through your business website, then we will be given the option to save your receipts in our iPhones.

Apple also wants to get the most from their new and useful native application. Therefore, the company stores are preparing for the arrival of this method of payment, which will operate similarly to other businesses. To demonstrate the establishment employee of Apple who have made our payment, you simply teach our ticket stored in Passbook.

Apple is updating the payment systems of the store employees so they can read barcodes stored in Passbook.

Source- 9to5Mac

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