Friday, October 26, 2012

Apple opens reserves iPad Mini and iPad 4

reservas ipad Apple abre las reservas del iPad Mini y iPad 4

On Tuesday, when Apple introduced the new iPad Mini and iPad 4, promised that the reserves would start on the 26th in a good list of countries. Today is Friday 26, and of course, Apple has kept his word and it is possible to book models through the official pages in the different countries where the availability beginning today.

It is possible to make reservations for iPad Mini and iPad 4

As usual, Apple has activated the process of purchasing the device, but it's really not the purchase itself, but a book that ensures product availability on the day of its release.

The process is very simple, it is identical to any purchases on the Apple Online Store. We just have to agree to Apple's official website, go to "Store" and within it, choose "Buy iPad". At that time the site will show the available options and we'll just pick our model: the new iPad Mini, the incredible iPad 4 with Retina display.

The reservation will be stored and if all goes well and occurs as in the past, from the official launch day (or sometimes the day before) the reserved units begin to be delivered in the homes (or offices) of people who have purchase made through the booking system.

The reservation system is already active in the Apple Store Online from countries like Spain, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Australia, United States or Canada. Other countries, such as Mexico will have to wait a little longer.

reserva ipad mini Apple abre las reservas del iPad Mini y iPad 4

On November 2 is the date that both device hit stores and can be purchased without having to reserve, but as has happened on numerous occasions there is the possibility that the stock is depleted quickly. So if you already have it clear that you are buying one of the new Apple tablet, hurry up and book it now.

Already have clear about your iPad? Mini iPad or iPad? 4? Screen? Small and portable or a tremendísima screen quality and bigger?

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