Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple's official response to the problem of the camera of the iPhone 5

foto iphone 5 Respuesta oficial de Apple al problema de la cámara del iPhone 5

The launch of the iPhone 5 has not been free of problems. Shortly after his arrival official market started to ease users the first complaints to Apple. One of these complaints is directly related to the terminal chamber.

According to their complaints, when taking pictures in certain circumstances appear purple spots. Apparently these spots appear when a picture is taken with a light source away from the scene and also is pointing directly at the camera. For example, when taking a picture in the same direction where the sun at the time of shooting.

Apple has decided to give an official response to this problem and, in short, the answer is that this is not a bug, but a completely normal situation in small cameras. Complete response is:

Most small cameras, including those of previous generations of iPhone, may have some kind of flare in the framework of the catch, when we make pictures with light sources outside the scene. This can occur when a light source is placed at an angle (usually just outside the field of view) for causing a reflection surfaces within the camera module and the sensor itself. Slightly moving the camera to change the position where the bright light entering the lens, or protect it with the hand, should reduce or eliminate the effect altogether.

iphone 51 Respuesta oficial de Apple al problema de la cámara del iPhone 5

The response given to this problem Apple does not quite convince. There have been many photographs that have been made ​​with previous generations of iPhone and had never encountered this problem. The same occurs with mobile phone cameras from other manufacturers Apple and now comes and tells us that this is totally normal.

What do you think Apple action against this problem? Have either something similar has happened in your iPhone 5 or other device?

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