Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apple maps consume 80% less data than Google

After weeks in which maps have been merely Apple criticized (and rightly so), comes news that more than one would like, and I include the first: Maps consumes up to 80% less than our data if compare them to Google Maps.

A study of Onavo , Apple maps are up to 5 times more efficient. For example, where a search and browse Google Maps 1.3 Mb consumed in Maps (Apple) the same search consumes 271 Kb. This is due to the use of fully vector maps that reduce consumption data (not the maps Apple showing 80% less information ;) ).

Yesterday I wanted to test with navigation Footsteps. As you know, requires an Internet connection, and when Pepephone user, I must not abuse the data rate because if I pass that I have not hired me down the speed, but I charge more.

Fortunately, I saw how after reaching my destination had spent almost nothing of my data rate, something I appreciate a lot and I removed the fear if I ever make use of GPS.

What put you another example: a single charge on a quest map in satellite mode in Google Maps consumes 930 Kb, 428 Kb compared to consuming the same search in the Apple.


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