Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apple makes customers wait to reserve the iPhone 5 in the U.S.

photo e1349122409345 1024x768 Apple hace esperar a los clientes que reservan el iPhone 5 en Estados Unidos

Last week Apple empowered online booking of iPhone 5 so that customers could easily book your terminal the night before and then the next day, picked up at the store comfortably and without waiting in line. However, this fails to be true at all, because the clients listed by the stores have to wait outside, despite having already paid the night before your purchase.

To what extent this is intentional? If a customer has already paid for their product and confirms that it can directly pick it up the next day, what need has to wait in the facility when dozens of employees available to serve customers? The picture above is taken from the article in The Grove shopping center, located in the city of Los Angeles, United States. All these people had booked the iPhone last night and had to deal with unexpected queues of more than 20 minutes. Waiting be reached up to 1 hour in some cases. Many of them showed the expected discomfort.

Why such a long wait to pick up a product postpaid? It is a process that should be quick and direct, as is the case at the time of collecting any other product in the store. However, it appears that Apple wants to keep its customers waiting in order to get free publicity.

Obviously, if two weeks after the iPhone 5 is released passersby see queues outside Apple stores, they will be interested to know what happens.

The article makes Apple customers wait to reserve the iPhone 5 in the United States was originally published in News iPhone .

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