Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apple iPad change could allow the iPad 3 Retina (iPhone 4) if purchased for less than 1 month

ipad 43 Apple podría permitir cambiar el iPad 3 por el iPad Retina (iPad 4) si fue comprado hace menos de 1 mes

During the event yesterday, Apple introduced a new generation of iPad . Call it iPad 4 , new (new) iPad 3, or just iPad, but the truth is that the device has received an update that separates a little over your competition and makes for a slightly more powerful tablet yet.

Those who have bought an iPad 3 a few days or weeks, will now scowling And in the blink of an eye, have gone from having the last tablet created by the Cupertino company to have a device " expired ". But we must not be alarmist, the changes are not as important and an iPad 3 device remains fully valid and it will work perfectly for a few more years.

iPad 4 for those who have bought an iPad 3 in the last 30 days

Yet surely there are people who are not happy with your purchase and it is possible that Apple has a solution for them. They have started to hear rumors that Apple could change the iPad 3 for one of the new iPad 4 to all who purchased less than 30 days and request in its Apple Store or nearest authorized dealer.

As we say, these are just rumors and currently no official confirmation from Apple, except a few comments dependents of an Apple Store in San Francisco. Apple has applied this type of substitution in the case of the Mac, so do not be surprised if we finally confirms that so will the iPad 3, but as we say, better wait for official information from Apple, so we clear all doubts.

ipad 3 ipad 4 Apple podría permitir cambiar el iPad 3 por el iPad Retina (iPad 4) si fue comprado hace menos de 1 mes

It seems that the iPad updates will now be carried out in this way. The company announced internal changes (or even outside) and will remain just iPad. Something like what they do with the Mac in years, Apple is giving the new components, but the product itself remains the same and only differ by the type internal codes MacBook Pro12, 1 MacPro5, 1 to give some examples .

Like this way now? Do you prefer to continue launching new generations of iPad as with the iPhone?

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