Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple introduced the new iPad 4 (fourth generation)

ipad 42 Apple presenta el nuevo iPad 4 (de cuarta generación)

Apple introduced the iPad in April

Tim Cook, during the anticipated event this evening (or morning, depending on where we read) has introduced the fourth generation of the iPad, namely the iPad 4 . Apple will not call it so, but it really is at hand, a new generation of the world's best selling tablet.

The new iPad 4 comes to end weeks of rumors and speculation. The new iPad has inside the new Apple A6X chip with twice the performance of CPU and GPU (graphics and processor) than the previous generation. Addition also features the new LTE chip that allows it to operate 4G networks of any country, as happened with incorporating the iPad 3 that only worked in the U.S.. Besides all this, the new chip will offer a WiFi connection up to two times faster than what was available in the previous generation.

apps ipad 4 Apple presenta el nuevo iPad 4 (de cuarta generación)

How could it be otherwise, the iPad 4 also has the new connector Lightning, released with the iPhone 5 and that gradually becomes available on all iOS devices that Apple will now present.

As for the other features just see changes. Even the price will remain the same:

  • 16GB WiFi only: 499 €
  • 32GB WiFi only: 599 €
  • 64GB WiFi only: 699 €
  • 16GB WiFi +3 G: 629 €
  • 32GB WiFi +3 G: 729 €
  • 64GB WiFi +3 G: 829 €

Definitely a really interesting update that puts the iPad still further from its competition in the tablet market.

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