Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple Has too many products launched this fall?

iphone 5 ipad mini ¿Ha lanzado Apple demasiados productos este otoño?

This fall, Apple is busier than ever. In 2010, the company spaced launching their products. In spring came the first iPad. In summer the iPhone 4. The fall came with new iPods. Instead, this year, Apple launched the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6, new versions of the iPod range to incorporate some of the new features included in the iPhone 5 and it looks like we will soon see an iPad Mini.

Will Apple put all the eggs in one basket? Could she have been introducing many innovations in the fall? Do you leave via free Apple competitors to primevera and releases during the summer of 2013, when still in mid-cycle products launched this fall?

The market for smartphones and tablets is growing very fast. The tablets are set to turn into everyday devices, viewed as mobile computing devices in the home, in the study center, in the workplace and even in all industries. This is a complete change of paradigm notebook and netbook usage trends that had emerged a few years ago.

The multitouch technology market has started a few years ago. Within 10 years we will look back and see what we have underestimated this technology so far and the importance it has taken in our lives. And Apple is the company that contributed to the popularization of this technology, at least in the beginning.

If Apple has filed all their news in autumn ... what does the rest of the year?

For the former market analyst Chris Umiastowskia, it makes no sense that a company delayed the release of a product. If the company has created a new device capable of seizing market Why alnzamiento delay?

ipod touch colores ¿Ha lanzado Apple demasiados productos este otoño?

The holiday season is very important for the market of consumer technology. The Apple product launches this fall, arriving just in time for the holiday season, so the company will surely get some really spectacular sales figures. Thereby increasing its market share.

This situation could lead to Apple see a drop in sales in the spring and summer of next year, although we do not know what they are planning in the coming months Cupertino. They may have in mind to do a launch of a new product that allows them to maintain a constant rate of income throughout the year. Maybe the rumor is finished serving a Apple TV during 2013.

The iPad Mini could be a sign of the change of direction that Tim Cook Apple wants to give. A change of direction oriented to grow their markets. Steve Jobs said at the time did not want a 7-inch tablet, but also said no one would want to watch video on an iPod, that nobody read and that Apple was making a phone. It turned out that all these things came true.

Instead of thinking in this batch of releases in the fall as a problem, we see them as an advantage for Apple, a big boost for the company and, who knows, maybe in the preamble of exciting new releases.

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