Friday, October 5, 2012

Apple has supply problems for the iPhone 5

fabrica apple Apple tiene problemas de suministros para el iPhone 5

A few hours ago we mentioned that a story about a possible shortage of supplies for manufacturing the iPad Mini . Now comes a new story related to a problem of this type, although other devices, specifically the iPhone 5.

According to analysts, sales of the iPhone 5 are surpassing all expectations of Apple and the suppliers are unable to supply the necessary components for the manufacture of the device quickly enough. This could cause Apple was not able to put an iPhone 5 in the hands of every person interested in buying a device drive. Apple Will he be able to find a way to satisfy the huge demand for the iPhone 5 being bent?

Apple has tight supplies for the manufacture of the new iPhone 5

The analyst Gene Munster, has lowered sales forecasts by 2 million units of its forecast for September. According to statistics cited by Munster, Apple will be able to sell 25 million units instead of the 27.2 billion initially estimated. However, the analyst says that Apple itself will be able to reach the estimated 49 million iPhone sold at the end of the quarter, in December.

iphone 5 Apple tiene problemas de suministros para el iPhone 5

Some 170 million users of previous versions of iPhone end their term contract soon, so demand for the new iPhone 5 could shoot further and make the providers have to work even faster to supply components to Apple. Components that were not previously served, such as a panel type for the screen on the panel integrates touch sensors, something that used to be made with an extra layer and that the new iPhone 5 screen is not necessary . Providers, having no previous experience in the manufacture of components like this are suffering restrasos.

Another analyst, Piper Jaffray, said that demand for iPhone 5 is overwhelming the entire supply chain of Apple. Never demand for such a product was high. Apple Will increase the rate of production? Will they be able to reach everyone who wants an iPhone 5?

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