Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apple Google reaches 700,000 applications

One of the key metrics that indicate the life of an operating system is the amount of applications available for the mism or. In the field of mobile devices, this is even more important because there are many who choose which terminal purchased depending on the apps that are going to have a hand in each of them.

We knew that Android surpassed iOS in number of handsets for sale. This is normal, as they work with many hardware companies that offer fantastic smartphones and tablets at a very competitive price.

google alcanza apple apps Google alcanza a Apple con 700 mil aplicaciones

However, so far the number of applications available on the App Store surpassed that of Android Market. However, today announced that Google has just reached the magic figure of 700 000 applications available, thus reaching the supply of apple company.

Many will agree that the number and quality of applications available for a platform is the key factor by which one decides to buy a device or another. For example, I think the success of the iPad three years after its release is mainly due to the 275 000 applications designed for this device, an amount far they can bring the Android, Windows or RIM.

google alcanza apple apps 2 525x350 Google alcanza a Apple con 700 mil aplicaciones

However, I think Google's next target will be filling their tablets to thousands of quality apps. One thing is that an application scale well to multiple resolutions, and quite another that is designed to be perfectly manageable interface with a given size.

For now, the battle of the quality of the applications seems that Apple is winning, but in terms of quantity and not be able to say the same. In any case, the App Store is still the most lucrative market for a developer, according to recent surveys.

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