Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apple delays launch of iTunes until November 11

Screen Shot 2012 10 30 at 6.18.21 PM Apple retrasa el lanzamiento de iTunes 11 hasta noviembre

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5 on last September, also used his keynote to announce the launch of a new version of iTunes (iTunes 11) promised to be more "simple and clean". However, during the Apple keynote last week, did not make any reference to the new version of the player.

And indeed, as we feared, is that Apple has delayed the launch of iTunes until November 11 with the excuse that "they want to do things right." This was made ​​clear in a statement the company sent a few hours ago to the page The Next Web :

"The new version of iTunes is taking longer than we expected and wanted to take a little extra time to do things right. We are eager to launch this new version of iTunes in November. The update will present a dramatically simpler interface and clean and will have more integration with iCloud. "

Touch, then wait a little longer.

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