Saturday, October 20, 2012

Apple could remove the iPad 2 after the presentation of the iPad Mini

ipad mini ipad iphone1 Apple podría eliminar el iPad 2 tras la presentación del iPad Mini

Rob Cihara, Partnes Evercore analyst believes Apple is preparing to discontinue the iPad 2 with the arrival of the new iPad Mini, in an attempt to simplify the buying process for consumers and to define more clearly the different product ranges .

The analyst also said that Apple is a company that uses his great skill in ingeneriería hardware and software to overcome the technology market and become one of the few companies worldwide that have managed to increase their income by 30% in a time when the demand for computers has fallen by four percent.

Supporting this point, the analyst predicted that Apple would report total revenue of 36.5 billion dollars in the last quarter. These figures would come from sales of 27 million iPhones, 17 million iPads, 4.9 million Macs and 5.7 million iPods. Anyway, these are just estimates based on their data, the official data presented next Apple October 25, at his press conference for shareholders.

ipad 2 Apple podría eliminar el iPad 2 tras la presentación del iPad Mini

Turning to the iPad Mini , the analyst believes Apple could sell about 7 million units of the new tablet during this quarter, ie from the time of its launch until late December, when the fiscal quarter ending Apple. This would make the total iPad sales (9.7 adding the iPad and the new iPad Mini) would be about 26 million units.

Other analysts have reported that the new iPad Mini could slow standard iPad sales environment and reduce about 15-20%. The thesis Cihra to remove the iPad 2 returns to take effect, since if only offered two options to the client could have his decision much easier.

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