Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apple Announces Another surprising fiscal quarter with nearly 27 million iPhones sold

 Apple anuncia otro sorprendente trimestre fiscal con casi 27 millones de iPhones vendidos

Apple has done it again: a fiscal year closed with a spectacular economic performance is expected to improve further in the next quarter because of Christmas. During the past three months, the most valuable company in history able to enter 36 billion dollars to 8.2 billion dollars in profits.

These sales were obtained internacionalment e (it should be noted that 60% of these numbers comes from international territories):

  • 26.9 million iPhones
  • 14 million iPads
  • 4.9 million Macs
  • 5.3 million iPods

In his entire Apple product line sales amounts, except iPods, which again goes back down significantly (over 19%). Precisely this was the category in which Apple has seen its sales fall continuously in recent years. The renewal of the players last September will help change these numbers.

Apple expected to reach 52 billion dollars in revenue in the next financial quarter.

The article announces another amazing Apple fiscal quarter with nearly 27 million iPhones sold was originally published in News iPhone .

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