Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Announcements are filtered first Windows 8

October will be a month very bumpy as far as technology is concerned. Large companies are already preparing for the Christmas season, and promise to put all eggs in one basket to compete for a piece of the market.

The October 26 touches played their best cards to Microsoft. The last Friday of the month is the day chosen by the U.S. giant to launch its Windows 8 Almighty. It is, according to many analysts, the biggest launch in the history of the Redmond company.

filtran anuncios windows 8 Se filtran los primeros anuncios de Windows 8

Not surprisingly, its success or failure will depend largely on the future of the company. Well, it leaked ads that Microsoft will use to try to convince potential buyers that it is a good idea to get your new software.

The Metro interface is the heart of Windows 8, and is designed from the ground up to handle touch screens. No one is indifferent to their colors, and one of the most curious things is that it can run on different systems and devices. Among them, it seems that tablets are becoming major players in the technology world.

In addition, this new operating system has its own app store, which automatically adapt to the device on which they are running. Here you can see some of the ads you'll see at the end of the month to accompany the presentation of Widows 8.

This video is about the customization options of the Metro interface.

The video below is about applications that can run on the operating system.

This, in turn, you can see that Windows 8 is used for work and for fun.

And here we add the Surface shocking announcement, the tablet - Laptop Microsoft to give a lot of trouble to iPad .

What do you think the ads of Windows 8 leaked? Looks good, right?

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