Monday, October 29, 2012

Android is made with 41% of the tablet market

Looming a tumultuous period in the world of tablet. Three years after the release of iPad original, the market begins to find serious alternatives to the proposed Apple, as the recently introduced Surface with Windows 8.

For this, the company has the mazana armed to the teeth with the fourth-generation iPad and with the expected iPad Mini . Despite their efforts, no one is aware that Android, Google's operating system, is gaining ground.

And it could not be otherwise. Many people are not willing to spend the nearly $ 500 it costs the basic version of the iPad, so we opted for solutions that provide them with the Kindle Fire of Amazon or Google Nexus 7.

android 41 mercado tablet 522x350 Android se hace con el 41% del mercado de tablets

However, the output of the iPad Mini can change this. Right now, all consumers have access to a tablet of Apple with exceptional quality, very manageable size and enviable power for less than 330 euros.

Currently, the percentage of tablets that are iPad has been reduced to less than 57%, saving 41% for the Android operating system. The study was conducted by Strategy Analytics, and highlights that the fraction stood ten points above a year ago. Same as Android gained about.

However, none of the manufacturers who base their Android tablet sales approaching Apple. It is only when their numbers are considered together, when they can challenge the apple company.

Another curious fact: it seems that the global demand for tablets is experiencing a slowdown, which is otherwise natural market about to reach middle age. However, this demand continues to grow 43% this summer, though far from astronomical percentages were last year.

Do you think that Apple has released the iPad Mini to combat this trend?

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