Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And the rumors were right: The iPad mini is here

That said, these are again going to sleep and leave the blog die at rest, but are not so lucky, if there was no live, the chief blame @ Odysseus came up a meeting place at the time of the mass.

I also take the time to write about my first reaction to these new products, and wanted to write not so much with my first impressions, which to be honest from the iPad mini rumor, did not think it would come true.

As we all know, last KeyNote our Uncle Tim presented what was a rumor since leaving the iPad 1, iPad mini, that to enter the range of tablets 7 "leading for the Google Nexus and Kindle Fire Amazon.

Featuring a 7.9 "(and do not start with that mine is bigger than yours) resolution equal to 1024 x 768 iPad 2 retina without technology, obviously, and with a design closer to an iPhone to the iPad, for side edges trimmed. A powerful A5 chip, lighting and its respective connector smart cover, we were presented the new family member.

But when the iPad came out and expressions is an iPod touch on steroids, I read a comment where he said it was not a knife than a sword, now I add that it is not a knife, a knife and a sword. For though in essence appear equal, there may be used the same way.

The successes

The success, in my opinion, the bigger your operating system is on the iPad and the iPod touch, although it seems obvious, this point was crucial in order to get more out of the iPad app and not adapted for those who are iPod, (I have the curiosity of whether you can install the iPhone app and if the button appears 2x)

Another success of the iPad mini is to keep the resolution of iPad 2, this will avoid fragmentation famous, as desarrlladores not have to worry about creating another branch or adapt their applications to simply detect if retina display or not, giving more 25 thousand app available at launch and without changing anything in the AppStore.

Another thing surprising is that having thinner side edges to keep the aspect ratio of the iPad, iPad mini detects any unintentional touch on those edges and does not send a command signal that is not intentional, this makes us see that making the software and hardware has its rewards.

Well, even the brand of mazana never been worried about this, I see that having a price higher than its nearest competition is something that could decline in sales. However, if anything has become clear is that Apple still sells the brand, and it's much more impressive to be seen with your new iPad mini, with your Nexus, in my opinion.

Somewhat related to this, one of the questions that will be presented will be the battle with his younger brother the iPod touch, it will be pretty close in price (about 1200 pesos difference) and well, to have an iPod touch to an iPad mini, the decision can be difficult for some.

And for the not so fanatical, a point that has made me see that it was Steve is leaving, is exactly that now in less than four months Apple has had to swallow their words by changing the iPhone screen and now taking a iPad mini, as were many years of ridicule, of explanations of why the iPad 9.7 "was the perfect size, and at any moment I always say no, that 7.9" is also used, this is the most debatable point, but if it was not going to put him happy. While there is always the other side of the coin and read many eager to buy this new iDivice, and thus begins as one, and then buy the first you can not stop being a fan.

At the end we will all have our opinions, but like everything in life, the end is the taste and need of every one what you will or will not buy a product.

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