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A year without Steve Jobs | Video

silla vacia steve jobs Un año sin Steve Jobs | Vídeo

October 4, 2011 at 10 am in San Francisco. Apple is ready to introduce the iPhone 4S. Instead it is the usual choice for such an important event. Tim Cook, CEO of the company for less than two months, did not choose the Yerba Buena Center, he preferred to choose a more intimate place on the campus of Apple in Cupertino to show the world the new Apple smartphone. An unusual choice, but we knew that Steve Jobs was ill and his family could not get away from him. Indeed they had reserved a seat left in the front row for him.

Your second home, the Apple campus, was chosen for the introduction of the iPhone, that's where all dreams were born of Steve Jobs and that's where the chair will remain empty forever. Today, a year after his death, tomorrow and forever.

Only 24 hours after the presentation of the iPhone 4S, Steve Jobs left us, I was a disease that had become incurable. The cancer took him only 56 years, interrupting his most productive season, when his mind had been able to come up with devices that have revolutionized (and revolutionized) the lives of millions of people around the world: iPhone, iPod iPad, Mac are just some of the most representative of his career.

In just 24 hours from submission of that October 4, we knew that this seat would remain empty forever. A vacuum, however, does not mean a disclaimer. Apple wants to continue with the project Steve, want to continue to create devices, getting better. Devices to make life easier for the user.

steve jobs iphone Un año sin Steve Jobs | Vídeo

The shapes are different, and would have been impossible to emulate its founder, as his personality and his genius are just unique. Perhaps this is why Jobs chose Tim Cook as his successor. A very different personality in his character and charm, but a genius in his own way, with a great knowledge of Apple products chains.

Jobs could have chosen more people like him to take his place. Perhaps Jony Ive, or mind behind iOS, Scott Forstall, but the message that Jobs wanted to give their executives was clear: "Boys, Apple is Apple and Steve Jobs will no longer in the company without me, but all the same out in the center of everything is the product and not the man "

A year ago Steve Jobs died, but changes in the Apple products are yet to come ...

During this year a few things have changed at Apple. No products have been introduced in recent months, since the end of the day have been seen and approved by Steve Jobs before his death. Both the iPhone 5 , new iPad and iOS 6 were accepted by Jobs and we know that he wanted to create Apple Maps and forget all about Google. We also know that he approved the creation of an iPad Mini, but still do not know the product. Although Apple has changed internally, it is too early to see a change in the product, it must wait for some time yet.

But where we have seen changes is Apple's own heart. The personality of Tim Cook in charge of the company has "relaxed" to employees. Now these breathe calmer than when Jobs was in charge, because remember it was a great genius, but also a very harsh in dealing with people and did not mind working 80, 90 or 100 hours a week with that of bringing forward their ideas.

Not everyone is perfect and although Steve Jobs has had great success in his lifetime, has also suffered some other major failure. For example the first version of MobileMe, a service that was completely rejected by users, giving rise to the birth of iCloud. Or the problems of the iPhone 4 antennas. Steve Jobs was a genius, but of course it was not perfect.

steve jobs Un año sin Steve Jobs | Vídeo

Tim Cook has also had its losses this year. For example we have seen significant privacy issues during production of the iPhone 5. Months before its official presentation already knew almost all the features of the device and its external appearance. Sure that Tim has taken note and will not let this happen again, at least with the iPad Mini seems that it will.

In short, Tim Cook is the new manager of the company. Apple will never be the same, but the guidelines established by Steve Jobs at the company will continue to reign forever. Many people who knew Steve Jobs say their DNA never leaves the walls of Apple, a controlling personality too perfectionist to let any aspect of your life, or your work, randomly.

People today are leading the company were chosen by Steve Jobs and it is they who have the task of following a process that began years ago. As Steve himself wrote on August 24, 2011: "I think the brightest and most innovative days of Apple to come".

Video tribute to Steve Jobs

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