Friday, October 5, 2012

A year without Apple guru

 Un año sin el gurú de Apple

Does exactly one year ago, at this same time, I retransmitíamos the sad news of the death of Steve Jobs in California after a long illness. That same day we gave special coverage in which we follow the reactions of Apple fans and friends to Jobs worldwide.

Undoubtedly, the most striking images we saw in the Apple stores. These became makeshift altars with thousands of messages from people who wanted to pay tribute to Apple guru in an original way. What is the image you have recorded on your mind that day?

Here is a compilation of news we picked this October 5, 2011:

- Steve Jobs dies .

- Email from Apple to show your condolences .

- Samples of condolences personalities .

- Communiqué of the family .

- Message Tim Cook to employees .

- Google pays its own tribute .

- The best moments of Jobs .

- Signs of pain in Apple stores worldwide .

- "The Pirates of Silicon Valley" .

- Steve Jobs in pictures .

- Barack Obama puts Steve Jobs as an example of American ingenuity .

- The Time magazine honors Jobs in your next home .

- It is anticipated the release of the official biography of Steve Jobs .

- Steve Wozniak gets excited when talking about Jobs .

- End of special coverage .

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