Friday, October 5, 2012

A week has passed and there is no stock in any store iPhone 5 Spanish

iphone5 Ha pasado una semana y no hay stock del iPhone 5 en ninguna store española

The Apple launches policy is giving a lot of talk among users who are looking forward to your iPhone 5. Exactly a week began shipping terminal, and today, there are no units in any store in Spain, which is a bit embarrassing.

Then there are those who have bought through the Apple website. Here you can buy the iPhone 5 without queues or waiting, however, slash delivery time 3 to 4 weeks from the date of purchase. How is it that takes so long when there are no middlemen involved?

The website reserves the iPhone 5 for store pickup is not active.'s Normal if no phones for sale, nor will allow reserve them.

What Apple hopes to restore the stock of your terminal? I understand that a large-scale release is not easy to raise but being Apple, they know full well that there is a great demand for their devices during the first days. With the new iPad did great but with the iPhone 5 is still a disaster.

While both are sites like eBay and forums to get the iPhone 5 ahead of time, yes, at a price of around 200 euros more expensive than the price set by the Cupertino company.

And you want to buy the iPhone 5 free but do not know where to turn?

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