Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A concept of how you could take advantage of the elongated screen iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 has as its main innovation elongated screen, reaching four inches diagonally without increasing its width. At this time, the change has been remarkable enough to make it look much better, but even so it would still be working with a single finger while keeping the terminal subject.

However, we can not help but wonder if you can still take advantage of this feature more succulent. We know now adapted applications allow you to display more items on the screen, and the photos and videos you see enjoy a 16:10 aspect ratio, ideal for leisure.

concepto multitarea iphone 5 582x350 Un concepto de cómo podría aprovecharse la pantalla alargada del iPhone 5

Well, in this context, a designer has come up to the bar for iOS multitasking needs a facelift, and more so if you have an iPhone 5 . Indeed, what do you think if now is a small snapshot indicating at what point we leave the application is in the background?

In the following video you can see this and other features of the multi-task bar that proposes this person. We may also obtain more information about the song being played at the time, and access the most useful settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth or location services.

What do you think of this new concept for the multi-task bar of the iPhone 5? For that matter, I think it could be extended to 3.5-inch devices, like the iPhone 4S.

In any case, I do not deny that the bar for iOS multitasking needs a facelift, like other operating system features. We would like to see this idea in future revisions of iOS, or at least some of Cydia tweak.

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