Monday, October 29, 2012

3 things that developers should not do never Apps

 3 cosas que los Desarrolladores de Apps NO deberían hacer nunca

There are many strategies you can follow to make known your app. Some work better than others, and the best we have reviewed in previous articles, but there are three specific things NOT to do if you do not want to look like an idiot and worse, scare away your customers.

1. - Invading the privacy of the user

When you ask for permission to access system resources, such as GPS, notifications, calendar, etc. it creates friction between the app and the user. Why do you want access to this? You think every time a popup asks permission to your device. The tendency is to press NO, and clear, without these services the app does not work. A great strategy is to alert the user that what you do and explain why previously. This way people will know to allow such access to the application, and you avoid reviews like 'not working', 'Timo' or 'Do not do anything I ask deBolución Apel'.

2. - The users Spamming

Nothing is uglier when you spend the dough on a constant app to receive notifications, and if they are advertising, much worse. Be smart. Take your left hand and propose products to users without them grilled. You'll have a better reach and better conversion ratio.

3. - Well describes your application

Users are not stupid. I repeat are not stupid. Dubious trick with a description will earn you a reputation ... doubtful. Be concise description. Say what your app does and what does not clearly. No doubt. Although you do not have any key feature is not important if the rest aporias real value. Be honest and say it. It is better to encourage a positive review put that feature a happy customer that a review of a star who says he thought he did such a thing and not.

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