Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 Myths that will make you sell more (or less) Applications

desarrollo ios 3 Mitos que harán que vendas más (o menos) Aplicaciones

3 Myths Apps Developer

Many developers think that copying the marketing strategies of other companies is a good way to succeed in the App Store. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Companies spend a lot of money in researching the market, creating sales tactics and adapt their products to that strategy.

I present and explain three common beliefs which are true and which are not:

1. - I have to create a website for my app

This is absolutely essential today. If you can, make your web app right now, and if you can invest more time and effort to mount a full website with all your company. There are many templates for WordPress or Joomla to build sites for apps in minutes and only need to fill the site with screenshots, videos, and other material necessary to present your app, and focus on explaining why your app is different from other and why it deserves the purchase, rather than buying from the competition.

Remember it is extremely important to put your contact details on web for bloggers can contact you. It seems obvious, but it is something that many developers overlook.

2. - I need to buy ads to publicize my app

Right! Advertise in specialized sites is one of the quickest ways to make your investments in sales. Focus again on display the most relevant features of your app and includes an animated gif if you can on the banner because they work much better than the static.

3. - Create your app sales and reach

False! Hope is not a strategy. I have a rule that I call 'the 50-50 rule', and it is very simple: 50% of the time programming and 50% of the time moving the app on websites, forums, Facebook, Twitter ... If people do not know your app you can not buy it, do not you?

Also, a great idea is to spend time in the App Store seeing what others do, but! Do not copy!. That works for others does not mean that you will work for you ...

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