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Waze is updated to version 3.5 and is made even more social

If users are Waze , you may already have appeared in the App Store the new update to version 3.5, if you have not installed and drivers are, you can go on to test the application.

As we define it when it came out, Waze is a social GPS and free, that lets us know the road conditions, traffic alerts and real-time deductions.

Furthermore, it is constantly updated, as they are the users who create the maps while using it, so I will not go as with other applications that are outdated or have to pay for upgrades.

In this new version was to promote the factor "friends and acquaintances" to do, if anything, even more social. Thus we find some new options that will allow us to call a friend when you go look, so you can know where we are up to our destination (although not Waze users).

Also new is the ability to see the situation of our friends, for eg in case of waiting for them for a dinner at home, they know what is to come, or in the case of an event, or know where to go if they have reached the right place.


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Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted is now available, we have tried it and we love it

As promised EA Mobile, has done more to fans expect from his famous series of driving and is now available in the App Store the new Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted .

This version combines street racing with police chases typical movie, having to keep an eye on all sides we find in each race: competitors, and traffic police.

After trying it for a while, we have to say we are pleasantly pleased, not only this is one of the most graphically beautiful games and full of detail, but also moves with incredible fluidity, at least in the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 in which we have tested.

The game offers us the main goal of winning reputation in order to become the "most wanted" both individually and as the online rankings against our friends.

Using a map of the city where we can find different events and races, we go racing in multiple tracks and modes such as street racing, time trial, vehicle delivery or 1 VS matchups. 1.

According to fulfill goals, win points and money, which will allow us to move up in the ranking and buy new and better cars (46 real models available for now) that are unlocked as we move forward in the game.

When we are on the track, not only have to worry about being far forward as possible and get as quickly, but we have to take into account other factors like the police not stop us or not wreck the car (yes, you damage affecting physical vehicles).

It has two operating modes: accelerometer or digital steering wheel, both fairly easy to control. In addition, we may skid, brake or use nitro simply touching either side of the screen.

As negative point we can say that does not include any online mode (perhaps add in a future update ...), so we can only compete against our friends through the rankings Origin times and scores.

Not the cheapest in the world game, but it is in Spanish and is universal, so you can play on both iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad and, if you like racing games, I highly recommend it.

Need for Speed ​​™ Most Wanted

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The iPhone News Podcast returns in a few days with the iPad mini as protagonist

logotemporada21 El Podcast de Actualidad iPhone regresa en unos días con el iPad mini como protagonista

You missing our Podcast this week? Do not despair, because there is a good reason. As we mentioned in our two week special devoted to new products from Apple, are preparing a new special that will be fully associated with the new iPad mini. How could it be otherwise, on Friday we will have the new Apple tablet in our hands.

For this reason, we are preparing a special podcast dedicated to the review of the iPad mini in which I discuss our first impressions of the product, as we did at the time with the iPhone 5. A program that will this weekend and will answer all your questions that you can begin to ask on Twitter using the hashtag # podcastiphone.

Meanwhile you can listen to our latest programs highlights:

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Monthly sales of Nexus 7 are close to one million

We are reaching the first iPad Mini to stores and buyers who applied. While we wait to see how they are given the first weeks of life of the new Apple tablet, we have learned that the competition is doing quite well.

And, until recently, proposals for Android in the world of tablets were quite precarious. In fact, the range has been Amazon Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus range when consumer devices have found them stand out on the competition.

While Amazon does not announce anything about sales of its Kindle Fire HD, as we have seen Google Nexus 7 is selling quite well. One of the heavyweights Asus has confirmed that sell around one million terminals per month.

ventas nexus 7 millon Las ventas mensuales del Nexus 7 se acercan al millón

The key, according to the source of this news is the price of the Nexus 7. ​​Starting at $ 199, sales of the tablet Android 7 inch slowly passed 500,000 units per month, nearly a million.

If we see it in perspective, it is far from the 4-5 million iPads Apple sells each month, but also quite far from the data of RIM, which sold less than 100,000 devices per month during their first year.

If you've been paying attention this week, the Mountain View company introduced the 3G version of the tablet on Monday. In addition, the 16GB WiFi model has lowered its price to $ 199, ranking below the $ 130 iPad Mini.

Regarding the latter, it seems that criticism of the $ 329 it cost no sales are dwindling. The defense that its creators have the size, materials and applications have permeated buyers, although we have no official sales data for another few weeks.

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Poll of the Week: What do you think the departure of John Browett Scott Forstall and Apple?

Browett y Forstall Encuesta de la Semana: ¿Qué te parece la salida de Scott Forstall y John Browett de Apple?

This week we were surprised with the news of the departure of two of Apple vice presidents: John Browett, retail manager, and Scott Forstall, chief architect of the iOS operating system. The reasons for the dismissal of Browett seem clear: in just a few weeks in his new position he earned the displeasure of all employees of Apple stores. Yesterday also tried in an article possible causes Forstall output.

It's time to know your opinion: what you think of the news? Do you think for continued success in the future Apple had to get rid of these two vice? You can vote in our Poll of the Week. This time, you can choose more than one option when voting. The results are public and discuss in our next Podcast.

More - The vice presidents Scott Forstall and John Browett leave Apple

¿Qué opinas de la salida de Scott Forstall y John Browett de Apple?

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Apple posts a video of the launch day of the iPhone 5

video iphone 5 Apple publica un vídeo del día del lanzamiento del iPhone 5

For some time the launch of new products from Apple events become much attention. It is usual in the doors of their Apple Store form and people lining up days before camp even to be the first to purchase the new device from the company.

Apple hangs a video with images of the Apple Store on launch day of the iPhone 5

In the case of the iPhone 5 this happened and as a result the company managed to sell 5 million units during the first weekend of the device in stores. Apple has created a spectacular video with images of their premises on the day of its release and placed it on his website.

The video is not intended to be an advertisement, but it would really be a billboard and another example of the impact that Apple now has in much of the world. It has been said that Apple sold elitist and exclusive products, but considering that every time has a greater market share and that the amount of products they sell are huge you can not say that Apple is selling products "to an elite or a minority. " Apple is a company that develops products for mass and this video is a great example of this.

Apple launched the iPhone 5 in five original countries and is now available in over 30. It is expected that by the end of the year, the iPhone 5 will be available in over 100 countries.

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