Thursday, September 13, 2012

Will jailbreak for the iPhone 5?

jailbreak iphone domicilio ¿Habrá jailbreak para el iPhone 5?

Every year around this time the same question is, will we jailbreak for the new iPhone model just presented? It is not yet for sale, your hardware is not known, but we are going to discuss the different possibilities that you may know that can happen.

Hardware Jailbreak This jailbreak is not closed, which works on any iOS, and the most difficult to achieve, it is usually tethered, but can become untethered exploit using a software. The last known is the iPhone 4 (Limera1n), after he has been none, ie not found one for the iPhone 4S in a year ... therefore most likely not have a jailbreak this kind for the iPhone 5.

Therefore the jailbreak for iPhone 3GS with iOS 4 or 6 and there, and out there in the final version of iOS 6. But not so with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Jailbreak software: This jailbreak is that disappears when Apple brings a new version of iOS and closes the hole, fits all devices (with minor adjustments). You may wonder what if all devices used to ervirá s also for the iPhone 5? Yes, but first you have to find it. The difficulty of this type of jailbreaks is that more and more holes closed, and it takes several to get a jailbreak so. The good thing for us is that the betas of iOS 6 and carry enough among us, and have time to go looking for hackers to breach security where the new software.

My opinion is that we have a software jailbreak Apple soon and will close as soon as possible. And my desire is that we have one of the long-term hardware, but I see it very difficult, if not impossible.

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