Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wild Blood comes to the App Store

wild blood Wild Blood llega a la App Store

Today was the day chosen by Gameloft to show the world its first game to use the Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games. From it have come out titles like Infinity Blade or Epoch making graphics level, we know that Wild Blood does not disappoint at all.

In the game we have to play the role of Lancelot, a warrior who will have to fight to regain the peace of the kingdom run by King Arthur and Geneva save his beloved.

Our story begins with a tutorial and a sword in our power. Little by little is getting interesting as we got more weapons and coins that allow us to improve the skills of your character to make it stronger against larger enemies.

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The single player mode features 10 levels full of enemies and bosses you have to defeat. The multiplayer mode is also a good incentive to continue playing Wild Blood with up to eight friends in battles four against four or capture the flag.

Because Wild Bloos is a universal game, and enjoy it on your iPhone or iPad for 5.49 euros by clicking the following link:

451403547 Wild Blood llega a la App Store Wild Blood
Developer: Gameloft SA
Price: 5.49 euros (Download application)

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