Monday, September 17, 2012

Why you do not need an iPhone 5?

The presentation of the iPhone 5 on the 12th of September was a success. Even so, many of you were disappointed in not seeing new revolutionary Apple's latest smartphone. Personally I expected as presented, assuming a natural evolution of previous models enough.

But both of you who are in this group as those quedasteis delighted with the terminal, that ye may have noticed a strange feeling these days. Maybe one of your friends or colleagues have already commissioned an iPhone 5, not to mention to the developments bring.

I might even be biting the bug, watching him you can become the cheapest way possible. Where to sell your current smartphone, or if you can hold a contract with retention by operators. Well, for those who need support to not buy the iPhone 5, we will discuss some reasons why you do not.

no necesitas iphone 5 ¿Por qué no necesitas un iPhone 5?

For starters, iOS 6 can be installed on an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, and instantly you will have the feeling that you have become a new smartphone. The integration of Facebook, the panoramic photos or you love the new maps.

On the other hand, you have the iPhone 4 for just $ 99 if you become a permanent contract with your mobile operator. Okay, not four inches diagonally on the screen but you can run any app with solvency.

If you simply want to try something new, also you may go to the competition to prove any Android device with Jelly Bean (4.1) installed. Who knows, maybe you needed only one air change in the operating system.

You also have to think that the new fifth-generation iPod Touch has everything your mobile namesake except voice calls. Maybe you can spend all your apps, and use a cheap phone calls when you do not be WiFi.

And you, Do you find reasons to buy another handset than the iPhone 5?

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