Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Apple may submit more than one product to the next Keynote

Those who play with the double-edged sword (and I double-edged because it is very easy to get excited with the rumors come to light and then provokes disappointment that are not true) to follow the rumorsfera that revolves around Apple and its new products, there are some references that have been repeated over time, a series of events that, when they appear, experience tells us that we should give more credibility to other rumors.

In this case, turn to repeat certain patterns that indicate that the next Apple Keynote ( supposedly September 12 ), will not only see a new iPhone, but may occur more products.

Have you thought about an iPad Mini? Yes, that is a possible candidate, but also could present a Retina MacBook Pro 13 ", new iMac (without retina), new iPod Touch and iPod Nano.

Too many products? Maybe, but the fact is that in many of them the availability has decreased, leading to a higher estimated shipping time. Those situations have been repeated before and indicating a next renewal of the array.

From MacRumors (see picture above) comes a program of product launches in the coming months, although they need not be presented in different Keynotes, yes it's possible that the next Apple event presented us all together giving different launch dates.

Some data suggests that this may be true, especially those who expect a Retina MacBook Pro 13 ", is that benchmarks have appeared in this product (called MacBookPro10, 2), which from experience we can give more credence to that This new product is launched imminently.

Finally, include the iPad Mini. While at first I never got to trust this rumor, because I did not think it was necessary to get another Apple tablet in the market for their domain against competition, lately I see clearer evidence that this product itself that goes on sale.

What was the trigger? The recent appearance in the source code of a mention iOS iPad 2.5 and 2.6 , which does not correspond to the second or third generation iPad. With what a tablet would be halfway between the iPad 2 and new iPad.

Confirmed this, since EsferaiPhone I can say that we work for a while with both product :)

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