Sunday, September 2, 2012

WhatsApp denies supporting users with Jailbreak

 WhatsApp niega el soporte a los usuarios con Jailbreak

WhatsApp few days ago received an update that encrypts messages once and for all, something highly anticipated by users, but not only that, the update has brought something more to users who have jailbroken.

In this latest version users who have completed the jailbreak lose the ability to contact the official support of the application, you can check in the settings menu, contact us. A message like you see in the image that you can use the application on jailbroken iPhones, and if you want to restore your iPhone support to its original state.

There may be errors caused by the lack of stability derived using an unsupported tweak your system, but the jailbreak is legal, and if your application has been purchased legally I think they should support all users. But are their standards and they use the set as they want. We want to know your opinion, should be to support jailbroken iPhones? Is it too complicated?

More - WhatsApp is updated to version 2.8.3

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