Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's new in the new version of OS X 10.8.2 affecting iOS devices

As you know, both the new version of iOS as the new update of OS X Lion Mountain, bring full integration with Facebook. Presumably both will be released at once, especially after Apple made ​​available to developers a near final version of the upcoming OS X update.

Integration with Facebook will bring the ability to post directly to the social network from the notification center, including the option of sharing any link or photo.

Since Game Center may also share scores and achievements, as well as our Facebook friends appear to recommend games, with the option to click on "like" of the famous social network.

Now our phone numbers will be integrated with our Apple ID, so if someone sends us a message via iMessage to our phone number, we also appear on our Mac and iPad. This integration also affects FaceTime, and we can also accept a call to our phone number from your computer or iPad.

Reminders will also be improved in the ability to share lists with other users. While it is now possible to share a list of more people, is really a bit "complicated" made from the website of iCloud. However, this new version will bring the ease of sharing such lists.

Finally, from Safari and Mail on the Mac can submit tickets or Passbook bonds in our iPhone / iPod Touch (iOS 6 will need, of course). A fairly interesting and comfortable as we can buy an airline ticket, for example, and send it to our iOS app to use it from there, without saying anything more.

Today we will leave doubts about the release date of both operating systems.

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