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What if the iPad mini tablet is not the true low cost of Apple?

iPad mini 1 ¿Y si el iPad mini no es el verdadero tablet de bajo coste de Apple?

So far the rumored iPad mini, 7.85 inch tablet which the Cupertino have not said anything, is supposed to be launched in October and newspapers have already named the Apple tablet low cost. But looking more closely, there may be something we have not fallen. Let's try to explain.

Until all the leaked photos of the iPad mini could be counted on the fingers of one hand. The cause of this could be attributed to the almost exclusive attention on the iPhone 5 , which confirmed almost all of the rumors that were said about him. Now, they should be small images of Apple tablet are more varied, and if even a few days ago we considered 99% false, now every time we see them more real.

Last week saw the first images of the iPad mini fully assembled, obtained from a source that has proven to be very reliable after showing first new Earpods and some photos of the iPhone 5. Logically these images might be fakes, especially if we see on the screen seems to be iOS 5, but apparently not. After conducting a series of in-depth research, we learned that in the city of Shenzhen, located somewhere in China, this iPad mini assembly and sold as a prototype accessory producers worldwide.

iPad mini 2 ¿Y si el iPad mini no es el verdadero tablet de bajo coste de Apple?

Actually, the screen with iOS 5, is simply a structure introduced in print, without the original components, just to give an idea accessory manufacturers on how the final product will actually be that size and proportions will. The confirmation had yesterday when also published some leaked photos of the iPad mini , pictures showing a device almost identical to that already seen before.

 ¿Y si el iPad mini no es el verdadero tablet de bajo coste de Apple?

Therefore, we are faced with a prototype, which sells for a few dollars and include raw materials, however, very similar in appearance to that Apple would choose to carry out such a device. The distribution of this product makes us think, of course, that the implementation of the actual device production occurred several weeks ago.

And here what we really wanted to point out. Through a thorough analysis of all the obtained images of the prototypes and the latest models, we can see a particular detail that very few people have seen. Let's see some pictures.

iPad mini 3 ¿Y si el iPad mini no es el verdadero tablet de bajo coste de Apple?

iPad mini 4 ¿Y si el iPad mini no es el verdadero tablet de bajo coste de Apple?

iPad mini 5 645x650 ¿Y si el iPad mini no es el verdadero tablet de bajo coste de Apple?

Did you see anything unusual but common to the three prototypes? These rear camera, or rather the space in the body for it. This space seems designed to fit the size of the image sensor and this could tell us much about the iPad mini. The reason is obvious, it looks like the hole in the back cover strongly suggests the presence of an iSight to the iPad mini, which, as we know, gives higher quality pictures than its predecessor.

So far nothing unusual, except for one detail. A 7.85-inch device to mount iSight camera (note that this is wishful thinking), do you really can be in the range of low cost, the answer, looking at the last generation of the iPad and the latest iPhone is a clear no. On one hand, there may be an explanation a little "absurd" based on a strategy of unusual changes in Cupertino, on the other, in an open, Apple could be telling us that the iPad mini iPad will not be the low cost.

To date, the iPad 2 is the tablet "low cost" of Apple. What if the arrival of a mini iPad, with the same specifications (or almost) that the new iPad, presuming that the iPad 2 becomes really low cost iPad? With rear iSight camera, HD front camera, iOS 6, Lightning connector, Earpods, slightly revised internal structure: how the iPad mini may be the device that will be placed in the lowest price range of the iPad line?

The iPad 2 with a rearmost architecture, less powerful and less definition screen, would be great to have it on sale with a price between 279 and 300 €, far from a supposed new tablet of 7.85 inch and a hypothetical base price of 379 € and the new iPad 3 , which has a base price of 479 €, right? Kinda like happened with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the recent iPhone 5.

Of course, all this is guesswork, Apple has not announced anything. We will see the day of the keynote, if finally there is a keynote.

Meanwhile, you can go through our section of the iPad Mini to inform you of everything that is being said about the supposed new Apple tablet.

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