Monday, September 17, 2012

What features of the iPhone 5 will inherit the next iPad?

Just leave the iPhone 5 , which gives us some hints about what we can expect for the next Apple devices. Revealed also the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano, which gives us renewed be next on the tablet of the apple.

And it would not be strange that we saw two models of iPad in the next six months. For starters, most rumors point to the presentation of the iPad Mini next month. This would be a tablet less than 8 inches, priced at around 250 €,

What about the fourth-generation iPad? Still do not know anything about him, but we can take out some clues about which way the shots if we look at the novelties presented by the latest smartphone from Apple.

 ¿Qué características del iPhone 5 heredará el próximo iPad?

Here's a list of what almost certainly will see in the next iPad from Apple.

  • The new connector Lightning. The Californian company has made it clear that their new devices will have the 8-pin dock connector.
  • Lighter and thinner. The new screen technology will reduce the thickness and weight of the current iPad.
  • The design of the back. One of the things I liked about this new smartphone is the exterior design. Aluminum would be perfect in the back of the iPad.
  • The A6 processor is almost certainly the heart of the next tablet from Apple.
  • Best camera. The novelties introduced with the iPhone 5 lenses seem quite succulent to migrate to the new iPad.
  • iOS 6 will arrive, or yes, the next tablet from Apple as being on the street.

What do you think about this news? Do you want to try an iPad with all of them?

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