Thursday, September 13, 2012

We know the price of iPhone 5 free in several European countries

Although we do not know the price they will have in Spain, if we know the prices they have in several European countries, including France, UK or Germany and unfortunately for us, they are more expensive than they had the previous output models.

For example, in France and Germany , the starting price is of 679 € in the version of 16 GB, 789 € the 32 Gb and 899 € the 64 Gb.

In the United Kingdom can find something cheaper, but only by the £ to € exchange: £ 529.00 the 16GB, the 32GB £ 599 and £ 699. the 64GB £ 699.

So it is possible that in Spain we find even more expensive due to the recent increase in VAT.


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