Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We finally have our iPhone 5: First Impressions

We have finally been able to buy the iPhone 5, after a thousand and one round in Paris (he was exhausted in every Apple Store), get buy in the store yesterday Opéra.

We arrived at 9 in the morning and instead of the little sign of exhausted, there was a significant queue, so it was good news. We asked and they confirmed it was the queue to buy the iPhone 5 free and they had stock, so we got into it.

Gradually grew up having to place fences to organize it better. At the end were about 2 hours in line, it's bad, it was raining and it was a lot of air, so to enter the store was quite a spectacle, but since it is not only not a bad wait :)

Once at the top of the queue, the thing was very fast: - Color and model? - Black 32 - card or cash? - Cash - Here's - Thank you.

The worst has been that until now we could not test the phone, as I had to cut the Micro SIM and yesterday we made ​​a mess with ours ... So this morning calmly and with a template ( http://t.co/ dBfzu8HV ), we made ​​it to the first.

With the iPhone 5 activated and restored backup from iTunes, had to leave you the first impressions we've had:

  • In the box we found the iPhone 5, EarPods headphones in its own box (we have not yet tested), lighning USB cable and plug into the mains.

  • The first thing you notice is the weight or rather "not notice", as opposed to a 4S is remarkable: Much lighter.
  • The following is the width. Not that it was the 4/4S uncomfortable, but it shows once we have it in your pocket and hand.
  • As we unlock it, the screen takes center stage and forget the width and weight. Mind you, we know that there is a revolution and terminals are the larger screen, but for which we like iOS, is a great improvement. Might seem silly only grow on high, but is just as comfortable to take the iPhone 4/4S and gives us extra space to show more.

  • Of course this has its downside (now) is that the applications are not ready for iPhone 5 are "ugly". No applications by itself, but to see them with stripes and centered in the middle of the screen. It is assumed that the new resolution will include new, but old apps may never will.

  • Another negative of these apps unadapted, reached when using the keyboard (in case you need this app), and is being used to having the keyboard at the bottom of the screen, here we find a space black between the end and the keyboard, making us get used to the two positions at the time of writing.
  • We found some games that lose quality (as happened with no screen jump retina to retina), such as Rayman Jungle Run.

  • The improvement in the contrast of the screen it shows. The colors are more intense, but you have to put it next to a 4S or 4 to appreciate it better.
  • The most delicate point that we have found, is the discussion between white and black model, not its aesthetic itself, but for the problems they are suffering chopped black models. And is that the corners of the wings, lose their color when struck against other objects (as we have seen with the iPhone's that were in the Apple Store test, and with our own terminal, which already has a mini cut into the rear side .
  • The speaker sounds louder than the iPhone 4S.
  • When restoring a backup, all screens will see an empty row at the end; p
  • The interface of some applications change over previous models, such as the time and the camera, and view larger buttons and more space to display information in other apps.

  • Comparing the speed when opening applications on an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, we have not noticed big differences (few seconds in the worst case). Some apps even have opened faster on a 4S (perhaps already be loaded on the device or not be adapted to the iPhone 5).
  • The camera is very fast, but it is rare that the photos we took longer appear full screen, either horizontally or vertically (it is normal for the resolution of the photos and screen, but between apps and photos is done rare to see black bars on all sides).
  • When playing a video recorded from within the iPhone 5, we will not see black bars as in previous models.
  • Pictures taken while recording video does not have the same quality as a normal photo. Seem to catch the video itself.
  • The phone is still warming. Especially if we use while charging, and just burning. When used without loading the iPhone 5 is heated, but instead of like the iPhone 4S, as in the iPad 3, but it is not burning as pleasant world.
  • Comparing wireless speeds, it seems that 5 is always a little slower than the 4S.
  • A full charge using the device to play and others, it took 2 hours 30 min. When exhaust update again with its duration.
  • Footprints in the back is more marked in the black model in white.
  • To summarize, we have to say we like, especially the increase in screen, but for the rest of software-level features noticed little difference between an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5. Hopefully, as always, some games are able to squeeze the most of the processor (see that it behaves Real Racing 3), but the "normal" applications work the same. Moving from a previous iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 is a more justified, since the change of speed and performance is more noticeable.

It is assumed that the Sept. 28 will be released in Spain and several other countries, but for now can not be booked from the website of Apple and the companies (at least in Spain) are silent or price or on Nano SIM's ... So we will continue to wait for along this week say something.

Any questions you have about the iPhone 5 can send it to us via the comments or on Twitter .

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