Monday, September 24, 2012

Wave of burglaries before the launch of iPhone 5


This Friday, the iPhone 5 is released in a new wave of countries, among which is Spain. The security surrounding the new Apple iPhone should be strengthened given the wave of robberies that occurred worldwide last Friday. Stores of Japan, the U.S. and London were robbed of hundreds of iPhones 5.

The most curious case was probably that of Japan, where they stole 191 iPhones 5 hours before they were marketed to an audience that took hours waiting outside the three stores that were raided Osaka. In the U.S., the retail chain Best Buy lost a total of $ 100,000 in May iPhones and iPads after the assault of a masked were recorded by security cameras located in the garage trade.

Moreover, in a shop operator O2 in the UK, was stolen iPhones 5 and 252 cash. Apparently, one of the employees who worked at the store that day in the store was in league with the robbers and is now in police search.

No wonder collect these cases of theft. Occasionally the Apple world surprises us with new cases of robberies that even occasionally have killed wounded or even killed.

Source- 9to5Mac

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